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1on1 chat for iphone

One thing (OK, besides getting calls from strangers) that does concern me about WNM Live’s direction: Hamachek says he doesn’t use the app himself.“Myself, personally…this isn’t something I have a need for in my life,” he says.It will probably only support Wi-Fi calls at that point, he admits.The feature doesn’t seem very popular right now – the app sees less than 1,000 voice calls per day.Other areas of the app can also be unlocked through the use of “coins” which will also increase your popularity.People who are not particularly into dating and just want to socialize can surely opt for Meetme.It has a feature to see the number of views your profile has received, how many admirers you have and the number of gold stars you were gifted from other uses.This app too incorporates flash based games ranging from casino to arcade.

The decision to grow WNM Live’s user base first, before heading to the i Phone, was a conscious strategy on the part of founder Brian Hamachek.Users can post updates which can be cross-posted to Facebook, plus engage in one-on-one IM-like chats and picture message exchanges, although with the latter, the app requires first that at least five text messages have been sent without the sender getting blocked…you know, to cut down on the “here’s a picture of my junk” kind of thing.There’s also that above-mentioned, pretty out-there feature (or maybe I’m just old) that lets users actually phone other users via the app. You can accept, reject or block a caller, but you can’t turn the setting off. On Windows Phone, the calls go over both Wi-Fi and 3G, but Hamachek expects restrictions when they get around to porting this feature to i Phone.It also has an amusing feature of earning “lunch money” which can be used on various areas of the app.Like you can “own” a friend by spending the lunch money to buy him.Palo Alto-based Who’s Near Me Live, abbreviated as WNM Live, is a two-year-old company that’s found moderate success by launching first on Windows Mobile and Windows Phone, before porting its mobile app to the i Phone, where it arrives today with a more limited feature set.The service, essentially a location-based chat similar in some respects to the newly acquired Yobongo, now boasts 400,000 users across its mobile, web and Facebook applications combined.Almost all of that user base is coming from mobile, however.The most unique thing about this app is one of its least-used features: on Windows Phone, it supports 3G/Wi-Fi calling. The new i Phone version, unfortunately (fortunately?Deterioration due to this has made it less user friendly.Since then, numerous stranger/anonymous chat apps have been released and we have compiled a list of the best ones out there that can be downloaded for free.


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