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60 seniors dating in southern california

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Don’t worry – most schools welcome senior participation, recognizing that you have much to offer. Here are some tasters: The downside of all these tempting learning opportunities?

You need an advanced degree to scout the offerings in your area.

States do little to publicize their waivers and discounts for seniors, and there’s no website that will give you all the answers.

In fact, every aspect of these programs – age, income, residential and educational eligibility, enrollment deadlines – varies from program to program, so you’ll have to do some web searching to learn what’s available specifically for you.

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A number of colleges allow seniors to audit classes at no charge, and others offer hefty tuition discounts for classes taken for credit. Some Ivy League schools offer opportunities, too; an example is Columbia University‘s Lifelong Learners auditing program, where seniors are “silent citizens” of the classroom unless invited to speak!meet senior women in morgantown wv date older people and the law the was published.singles resorts for older adults, job sites for senior citizens.One enterprising individual started compiling a site that would serve this purpose but apparently ran out of steam and then failed to update it.Still, the site – A Senior Citizen Guide for College – might be a starting point.What’s available Tuition waivers are restricted to credit-bearing courses at some schools, to noncredit courses at others, and are limited to auditing elsewhere.No credit is awarded for audited courses and in many cases you’re not required to complete coursework (though many instructors request active participation).Does the idea of leafing through a college catalog make you feel like a kid in a candy store – a kid whose allowance is way too small to pay high-priced tuition?Do you crave the social opportunities offered in an intergenerational classroom?Search on the sites for terms like “lifelong learning,” “tuition waiver” and “mature students.” Eligibility requirements The minimum age to quality for these educational bargains ranges from 50 to 65 (60 is the minimum age in New York State, 65 in Washington, DC.). Many require proof of state residency, and some ask for documentation of retirement and/or a high school diploma.Several schools only offer these benefits on a space-available basis, occasionally requiring permission of course instructors.


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