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A course in miracles dating service

Imagine a war scene where the dark side is just a little blob of dark and there is hundreds or thousands of times as much light surrounding it from all angles.

Then also during this process, I had to see through the lights eyes to take a look at meand I saw all these faults. All this light just smothered me, my ego and gave it a lot of love and peace.

It was so powerful it was literally drowning my little dark ego.

So my ego had this light just drowning it from all directions.

I suddenly felt this rush of what felt like crystalline white light flood into my body and fill my arms and legs and whole body. What seems to be filling my body is this type of energy which is peace and light, it only seems to want whats right for everyone. I dont know how much of my ego I let go off I wish all of it will go now. I seem quite satisfied to just drown myself in this light. Im pleased to say that the energy of soft love and peace which flooded my body last night, has remained with me today. There has been a loss of desire, an increase in peace.

So I had a new layer of energy body or something like this. I honestly dont believe I will go back to being how I used to, because too much of my consciousness or awareness feels grounded into light, so if I can keep seeing from the lights viewpoint, I can quickly pick out faults which I might otherwise do. I threw out some supplements and felt like that type of thing has now become redundant.

HOTEI POINTING AT THE MOON PLATO POINTING TOWARDS THE SOUL The Antahkarana or Axis Mundi is the Psychic Tower of Connection between Heaven and Earth along which are strung all the Infinity of Chakras which end in God, of which you contain seven within your body. " When I came to see Satchi at the airport for the first time I was struck by his energy but it was the second time, when he was talking to another student when meeting us off the train at Figueres that I really started to feel the Buddhafield of Energy Surrounding him.

CARAVAGGIO - THE GOD BACCHUS OFFERS YOU THE WINE OF ENLIGHTENMENT - THE ENERGY FLOWING IN THROUGH THE CHAKRAS ABOVE THE HEAD SYMBOLISED BY THE CROWN OF VINE LEAVES SURROUNDING THE HEAD - ENERGY ENHANCEMENT SAYS,..... Suddenly I started yawning like the big healer guy in "The Green Mile" and then tears started from my eyes and I felt I was getting rid of a lot of Painful memories from the past.

The Column springing from the center of the Earth perpendicular to the Earth is the Antahkarana - connecting with the Chakras above the head which just means that a person in meditation with their spine square to the earth has the possibility of becoming a "Stream Enterer", entering into and accessing the Stream of Energy springing like a fountain from Kundalini Chakra, Tartaros, The Black Sun in the center of the earth and flowing through the spine of the meditator into the Central Spiritual Sun in the center of the universe.

I saw this creeping little dark ego who was so unaware of everything, it just kept making excuses for its actions but this, and but that. Then I felt this vortex of white light form in my heart it felt quite small, maybe an inch or so big.

It just kept wanting pleasurable things and to run away from responsibility. Then I felt all this peaceful energy throughout my whole body it felt like cosmic/space/universe energy.

I had to take a long good look at this guy, this type of me. Something like a peaceful energy from space (as if I had a whole entire universe inside my chest and body with the heart at the center).

So my little dark ego, the I, just well, just gave up. After that happened, I was getting light flood my body and I just felt like crying and surrendering.


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