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It also teaches you to launch the bar off your chest.A special note: Lower the bar fast and try to catch and reverse the weight as fast as possible. On max effort day, warm up to 315, then do a single.The first thing I thought was: “Here we are, some ridiculous stuff to make boys feel like men! But it looked so funny that the curiosity won and I gave it a try.From the first attempt it was clear that I was wrong.The consequence is that, if you are training with regular weight resistance devices, you are not working on the second part of the lift.

Squat and Deadlifts are two examples of movements with a descending strength curve.If your best bench is 250 pounds or less, use one pair of 1/2-inch-link chains; these weigh 23 pounds a set, so you are locking out an extra 11.5 pounds.A 350 or more bencher should use one pair of 5/ 8-inch-link chain.By applying bands or chains to the barbell you increase the amount of resistance as the bar is lifted, so the top of the lift is considerably heavier than the bottom.I would recommend beginning with using chains and then progress to bands, as bands are more stressful.In the bench press, bands and chains have helped 17 of our lifters achieve 550 or more and 7 lifters have done 600 or more.When I talk about bench training, I am referring to my lifters with a 550 bench or better; that’s who we experiment with.In the end, chains and elastic bands are smart, easy, cheap and fun.So if you are a professional trainer I suggest you use them to enhance the performance and confidence of your athletes. In order to show you the effects of the ARD on the force-velocity relationship I wanted to compare some deadlifts with and without chains. I decided to make one loop, so when I’m on the top of the lift they are almost completely raised from the floor.A study comparing ARD and WRD training demonstrated that the average “intensity” (force of concentric actions) was approximately 1.25 times greater in ARD training, and the average “volume” (number of actions x force of actions) is 1.6 times greater in WRD training.Both training methods result in more strength, but WRD is more effective for increasing muscle mass (greater Cross Sectional Area).


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