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Activist dating

Hernandez-Castillo was 16 when she started dating her abuser. When we would be around my family he would be extremely introverted, and I would also become introverted. “I come from a very loving Puerto Rican family full of passion.“Finding love and finding a career is all possible.

“I want people to know that you can actually fall in love with someone who honors you, cares for you and loves you. They don’t think that it’s possible.”Hernandez-Castillo never went to therapy after she broke up with her abuser.

“I just swept it under the rug and went after my career.

I don’t know how I made it or how I kept myself together,” she says.

“It got to the point that when we were out walking on the streets I wouldn’t look up.

If I attempted to make eye contact with a man he would assume I was flirting,” she says.


  1. April Hernandez-Castillo, Actress, Motivational Speaker, TV host and SAG Nominee. She's also a survivor of teen dating violence. Hernandez-Castillo was 16.

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