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Once again feeling burnt out and being pressured by the new hospital owners, Dr.Westphall quit his job and left the hospital 3 episodes into Season 6.He had also first met his wife, Katherine (Devon Ericson), while working at the hospital.Their marriage was portrayed as a very strong one throughout the series.During his second stint, Westphall became noticeably more demanding on the residents and the hospital board.

He cannot swim, and at one time begged Ben Samuels to teach him; this ended in disaster.Elsewhere was, in fact, just the product of his autistic son Tommy's imagination.Portrayed by William Daniels Irritable and irascible, Dr.Eligius, some of whom he cannot even remember.) He is, however, conscientious and caring about his patients (particularly 11-year-old Robby Durant (Jeremy Licht), who later dies after a routine surgery).After Robby dies, Ben goes to a bar, gets drunk, and tells a girl (a young Ally Sheedy) at a bar about his ex-wife Cynthia and his late son, Billy.Portrayed by Norman Lloyd (recurring 1982–1983; main cast 1983–1988); James Stephens as young Daniel in "Time Heals" episode, 1985 Dr. Eligius, and had ties to the hospital from its very beginning. He had been diagnosed with metastatic liver cancer shortly before the series began, and his long-term survival was not expected.Fair and kind, he was well thought of by nearly everyone at St. He was the most approachable out of the three administrators because he was not uptight and serious like Dr. However, he underwent an intensive course of chemotherapy during season 2 and into season 3, which sent his cancer into remission.Though the transplant was initially successful, Leighton would die from complications of the surgery. Craig developed an artificial heart (the "Craig 9000"), which he eventually tests on a human subject.The failure of the heart brings a fleeting moment of self-reflection to the otherwise supremely confident doctor.He often served as a confidant and mentor to Westphall as well as, occasionally, to Craig.In a flashback episode, it was revealed that during his early years at the hospital, he had faced serious prejudice for being Jewish.


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