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Auto updating rss feed

Select the maximum amount of updates to be pulled from the Feed for auto-posting.

Please Note: this will be affected by the amount of updates that have been added to the Feed within the frequency time and whether you set the auto-poster to post repeats or only post new entries. You can set whether or not you want to be notified when posts from the RSS Feed are sent out in which case you’ll be sent an email when a new posts is sent out. By selecting whether a Feed is Active or Paused, you can temporarily disable an auto-poster without having to delete the settings you’ve added.

To do this, first click on the RSS Feed in the list to the right. Select how often the system should check for updates from the RSS Feed.10.

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If you have not heard from them about the acceptance of your RSS feed, please reach out to them directly.Please note that Twitter does not support link previews.* Title and Description will include the title and the text from the update in the body of the post on Sendible.This option is better for sites which allow posts with high character counts, eg.You don't need any programming skills to become an expert at generating feeds using our service.Some basic knowledge of HTML will come handy when using our advanced features.Post your feeds to social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc.Generate feeds for your audio or video podcasts, and deliver them to i Tunes. Give your feed a name which is purely for your own reference and then add the URL for the relevant RSS Feed.Also, if a message appears to advise that your RSS Feed is not valid, you can check this using an RSS Feed validation site and, if there are issues, look to put the Feed through a site such as Feed Burner which should address the issues before putting the Feed back into Sendible. Select the Save button for the details to be saved and the system to start pulling content from the RSS Feed into the dashboard. Once this is done, you can choose to post updates as and when or, you can set up an RSS Autoposter so that updates made to the RSS Feed are automatically posted out to your social channels as required. Next select the social services you wish to have the RSS Feed post to automatically.9.We offer a customizable, high-throughput feeds service at all times, whether you use 10 feeds or 10,000 feeds.Fast and Reliable Delivery We relentlessly focus on speed and performance, so that our aggregation capacity and content delivery are top notch for our customers.


  1. RSS short for really simple syndication is a way to receive regularly. to feeds with an RSS reader, which will automatically keep itself updated with the latest.

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