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This includes following strict data protection processes, such as providing relevant training for all employees, guarding customer data and keeping a log of events and individuals having access to any of this information.We often come across new companies looking to enter the gambling industry that have very limited knowledge about how it operates.We thought we’d share our tips and what you should consider if you want to develop a winning online gambling app or website.

Sometimes, we come across rejections and need to make the necessary changes, and then submit the app for approval once again.Before releasing a gambling app or website, it is important to understand your target audience and its behaviour when it comes to online gambling.It is different from going to real life bookies and casinos.So, if you’re thinking of building an online gambling product, make sure you and your designated developer are licensed to do so wherever you are thinking of launching it!Online gambling products deal with lots of sensitive customer information, such as bank details and addresses.While we’ve already noticed a significantly quicker review process with Apple, it’s still best to be prepared for this in advance.Apple’s regulations around gambling apps are also stricter and it tends to scrutinise them a lot more than a game or a lifestyle app.Building an app or website requires meticulous planning, as there are various factors that might impact the final release date.If you’re thinking about launching an online gambling product for a specific event, such as the football Premiership season, make sure you allow plenty of time and budget for build and any iterations, especially for mobile apps.Gambling operators are also required to perform background checks on anyone who registers to gamble to ensure they are allowed to do so.This requires specific system integration with third-party providers to verify the necessary information.


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