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Colin still had his hand over my mouth, and when Mark was done with my wrists, he let go.

Colin finished tying my ankles together, and if I tried to even wriggle loose, the pain was excruciating, cos he ties them together so tightly!!

Whenever I tried to move my wrists around, the pain was equally sore!

They were talking amongst themselves as if I didnt exist, so I didnt want to interfere.

Once a thrill, it can take on a whole new meaning, especially if the person you tie up, or who ties you up, is attractive or close to you.

A wounded man is strangled by another man with a thin wire and we see the victim struggling and gasping, and then dying with open eyes.

"See more of: Sunny Leone, sunny leone hot pics, Sunny Leone sexy photo, Sunny Leone sexy image, Sunny Leone hot picture View all photos from this album Check out this hot Sunny Leone hot sexy videos leaked MMS clip.He shoved the bandana in my mouth, and before I could spit it out, he grabbed three strips of duct tape, and slapped them on my face.This was mainly because I wasn't trusted to look after her ...I wondered if Lisa was stil tied upstairs, or maybe she got free, and would be down to my rescue any minute.....right!!Mark continued tying my wrists together, but this time, he was doing it more roughly!Just as I jumped on to the couch, Mark jumped at me from behind!He grabbed my legs, sending me crashing to the floor, no even giving me a chance to get free, because he grabbed me around the waist as well!!A man opens the trunk of a car and finds packages wrapped in paper and tape; he picks one up and inserts a knife blade, we see blood gush out and the scene ends; we hear that criminals cut up the man's wife and wrapped the parts in packages.A kidnapper tells a detective over the phone that he will send him a cut-off breast of a teen girl if a ransom demand is not met; the detective suggests the caller is gay, referring to the caller's criminal partner as the "boyfriend." A teen boy says that society feeds sperm-killing sodas to poor young men in order to eradicate poor people.Obviously I wouldn't, so he held my nose, until I gasped for air.When I was in my teens (14, I believe), my younger sister (5 years old) used to have a babysitter named Tash.


  1. I wondered if Lisa was stil tied upstairs, or maybe she got free, and would be down to my rescue any minute.right. Mark continued tying my wrists

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