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Maxine brought her meaty thighs together to scissor both sides of his head, holding it firmly face-up toward her groin. The slim White college boy looked helplessly up at the damp crotch of the middle-aged Black woman's lime-green panties, now positioned directly over his face.

The outer lips of her pussy were already swollen and pressed against the cloth, so that their shape was clearly visible to Skip.

The wet vee of cotton that covered them was thickly saturated with all of the voluptuous lady's most intimate scents: work-sweat and a sharp tang of pee, together with a penetrating, creamy musk of female sexual arousal seeping from her aroused vulva. " "Go ahead and come on the little slut's nose if you want, Mrs. "Nothing wrong with a little appetizer before the banquet begins! " the voluptuous and thick lady chanted, in time to her violent erotic thrusts.

Wiry black pubic hairs, already glistening with her pussy juices, curled out from the sides. "Let him soak in your femininity for a while...before you remove your panties and make him use his mouth and tongue to pleasure you directly, front and back! " With no alternative, he pursed his lips and gave the curvy woman's wet panty crotch a fastidious little peck. And look at me—you look into my eyes while you're doin' it! " the big-bodied ebony woman cried out as she full-out fucked the slave-boy's face. " Maxine growled as she used her powerful leg and buttock muscles to increase the ferocity of her groin thrusts into Skip's face—making the solid examination table rock and bounce beneath their conjoined bodies. Her huge brown tits swung forward and back as she noisily pumped her sopping crotch harder and harder against the college boy's trapped nose and mouth.

"Didn't have time to shower or even change, so I'm pretty sweaty an' maybe a bit stinky. Doesn't it get you hot just thinking about this naughty little boy being forced to orally service your body?

"Y'all know I just come off a double-overtime shift, right? Maxine Honey, the middle-aged chief custodian at Urban University.

An elastic strap around his lean, hairless chest held him in place. " Maxine began peeling her work uniform off her plush, nearly six-foot-tall body—kicking off her shoes, pulling off her socks, and dropping her baggy khaki trousers, to reveal lime-green panties that clung to her broad curvy booty and rode up into the hot, humid crack between her sizable butt cheeks.

Just sayin'." "That will serve as a fine lesson to this little cheater, as to what honest hard work really means! " "Yeah..does..believe it or not, I get real horny after a long day's work!As Skip drew his lips together and began to suck loudly on Maxine's impressively large boob, he tasted her salt and her skin, and could feel the coarse nipple swell even stiffer and longer inside his mouth. After a few minutes of this, she withdrew the saliva-slick right breast and immediately jammed the left one into the White youth's mouth for the same forceful treatment.Maxine drew a sharp breath through her teeth and threw her head back with immediate delight. "I think he enjoys nursing on your generous tits, my dear," observed the Professor. " Maxine's big body was firing up in full female arousal.Professor Vanessa leaned forward in her seat to watch the breast worship play out.The Professor was also an attractive middle-aged Black woman, but more of a Halle Berry type with a perfect hourglass figure and long legs, dressed in a tight top, short skirt, and stiletto heels.His erect but unattended cock jolted in the prison of his boxer briefs. " Maxine commanded him, grabbing her right breast and pushing her fat, purplish nipple against the young man's pursed lips.Without further bidding he opened them—and not only the nipple but an ample portion of the imposing woman's fleshy tit invaded his mouth. " she exclaimed, pumping her ebony tit again and again into Skip's face, fucking his mouth with her steely nipple.An impressive erection—the result of an experimental male-enhancement pill the Professor had compelled him to swallow a little earlier—was already tenting the front panel of his grey cotton boxer briefs, the only item of clothing he had on. She had solid, broad shoulders, and strong arms with colorful, flowery tattoos on each of her biceps.Though he was lean and slight of frame, the college boy was clearly well-endowed down below. Her middle-aged belly pooched a little, and there was a hint of sag in her otherwise magnificent ass, but she was in excellent shape overall.By any standards of female sexual attractiveness, she qualified as a MILF—though a large one. The erotic sensation caused them both to close their eyes and moan at the same time—the older woman in anticipation, and the college boy in frustration. She knew how to kiss, and in spite of his nervousness and fear, Skip actually enjoyed it—until Maxine broke the spell by pushing her whole tongue into his mouth, signaling her intended sexual conquest of his young male body.Then she slid her own body forward, bringing her big, dusky boobs directly above the young man's face. If he didn't do what the Professor told him to, he'd fail her class. So Skip shakily stretched both of his arms around Maxine's broad brown back, causing the older woman to murmur her approval.


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