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This is one reason doctors often suggest "watchful waiting" for slow-growing prostate cancers, says Dr. Delaying the surgery can also help you avoid erectile dysfunction. In some men, incontinence problems can be caused by nerve damage from diabetes, a stroke, Parkinson's disease (which mostly affects men), or multiple sclerosis (which mostly affects women). "Fortunately, the manufactures of adult absorbent products have recognized, finally, that the male anatomy is different from female," says Muller.In addition, men are more likely to be involved in car or motorcycle accidents, workplace injuries or active-duty combat, which puts them at higher risk for spinal cord injuries that can trigger incontinence, says Nancy Muller, Ph. "Only recently have major incontinence brands come out with gender-specific adult products." Men can find absorbent or disposable underwear, ranging from briefs to boxers, as well as compression pouches that support the urethra, in most pharmacies.The NAFC recommends a set of 10 slow and 10 fast contractions, two or three times a day, gradually working up to about 80 repetitions a day."It's just like bench presses at the gym," she says.

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The sphincter is inflated and deflated to control urine flow.If it makes you uncomfortable, shows through your clothes or causes skin irritation, it's a form of incontinence -- and it could be a symptom of a more serious problem. Between 2 percent and 15 percent of men ages 15 to 64, and 5 percent to 15 percent of men over 60 who live at home (as opposed to a nursing home), have incontinence, according to the National Association for Continence (NAFC).Prostate removal for cancer treatment is one of the most common causes. As you age, the muscles that control bladder function start to lose strength, and weight gain can put extra pressure on the bladder."Doing too much too soon can actually damage the muscles, so you can't rush into it." Men have issues some women don't.Men can face unique physical and emotional challenges with incontinence."Most patients who come to see me about stress urinary incontinence are men who've had surgery for prostate cancer, nine out of 10," says Dr. (In stress incontinence, coughing and sneezing can trigger leakage.) If patients have stress incontinence and have not had prostate surgery, another condition -- such as a neurological disorder, spinal injury or diabetes -- may be to blame, says Dr. Although obesity seems to affect women more than men when it comes to bladder control, Dr.Steers says he's increasingly seeing the connection in his male patients. It can block the urethra and cause overflow incontinence, which is the leakage of a small amount of urine, or difficulty urinating.For severe incontinence episodes, consider an external collection unit, which fits like a sheath over the penis and contains a collection bag (that fits inside a pair of briefs).Surgical options exist Men with severe stress incontinence can consider surgery if other therapies fail.Men who use absorbent pads or products should change them every few hours to prevent infection. Kegel or pelvic floor exercises, in which you squeeze and hold the muscles you'd use to stop urination, aren't just for women.A small 2010 Italian study suggests that men who do them for one month before prostate removal surgery have less incontinence after.


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  4. Tips For Dealing With Male Incontinence. Amanda MacMillan. according to the National Association for Continence NAFC.

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