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Cousin dating is not okay speech

Second cousins would be 3-5%, third cousins would be 2.5-4%, fourth cousins 2.25-3.5%,and so on.From a purely 'numbers' POV, the increased risk for first cousins v no cousins is 1-2%.Supposively they can do a genetic makeup and tell you if the pairing is ok. I met a guy eons ago that was related to me somehow from about 150 years ago. In the southern states, an appreciation for barbeque. So I'm curious, and would like to run a little "test": I believe the difference is simply one of standards handed down from generation to generation. Those with pedigrees may breed one another and it is called line breeding, maintaining a bloodline.I did know a guy from Nova Scotia that enjoyed the company of his cousin for a while. Why would it be bad for first cousins to produce children? With current technology in the genetic sciences it's possible to do a complete 'workup' on every possible defect that can occur and act accordingly. We didn't know exactly much distance was between us, but we had the same eyebrows and some other features that are really strong in our family. The jokes reveal an ignorance of genetics, a sense of contempt, and an apparent moral outrage that has no basis. Those without pedigrees are inbreeding, not pure and wholesome like line breeding because they have no special trait people want to buy.This news bulletin just in: Without immigration or interracial marriage over the last 200 years, most Canadians not living in a large population centre would likely marry someone they are related to within 10th cousin. And there was a few pictures of his 'real' dad and the wife freaked right out. It turn out they were related but it was too late.. I am sure if both families knew something would of been said.. But since Dad died and the afair was brief and nobody knew about it, plus there were no name connection..

" Ummmm and weren't the Royals a pretty sickly bunch, once upon a time, because of thin gene pool? The rules on this sort of thing are much more easy-going in that part of town. I guess we normally use breeding as a term to describe altering a bloodline to get a specific trait.

My brother used to joke that the parents could take the wrong kids home after church because they couldn't tell them apart. The husband never knew his Dad and was adopted by his moms new husband, he was a product of an affair.. How they found was that an family member brought over some old pictures for the husband (this is after they married and had 3 kids)..

They finally imported some women from the states where this religion is bigger,and as a result the children are starting to look a little more normal. The wife knew her Dad but dad died at a young age.. And this family member had pictures of his dad that were put away, I think his mom passed away and thats why the old pictures were brought to him...

I found a lot of interesting info (and some I just didn't want to know! In Canada, Mexico, and all of Europe it's legal to marry any cousin including first cousins. Of the other half, most allow second cousins to marry.

Most laws that forbid cousins to marry predate modern genetics.


  1. Jun 9, 2016. It's so sad to know that jealousy might motivate your aunts, cousins, or even your. a new home, awaiting a promotion, or even dating a new partner. Do not fuel the fire for their gossip and their negative talk. It's easy to feel that you are being the bad guy when you are simply trying to protect yourself.

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