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Follow some of the best online dating advice for women living in a foreign country to maximize your chances of finding Mr. First, find an online international dating site in your location.

Once you’ve joined, commit to giving it a real try: aim to message at least three men a week and update your profile regularly.

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And if the date doesn't work out, don't let it get you down – get back online!If you feel some chemistry between you, arrange to meet up.Take advantage of one of the greatest perks of expat dating: you have incredible options for interesting date locations and activities.Some might have different expectations for women and dating than you are accustomed to.If a man uses words like ‘intimacy' and ‘massage', talks about his – or your – physical attributes, or makes sexual references early on, beware: he's probably a creep.If someone looks interesting, don't wait for him to message you, passively hoping he will see your profile and like you. You’re a modern expat woman with the courage it takes to live abroad.If he doesn't respond within a week, send another brief message to follow up.He may have already met someone else in the meantime, for example, so don’t take it personally.There are plenty more expats out there, so keep looking.These kinds of messages are not uncommon, especially late at night.There’s no need to respond: just delete (and block, if you feel the need to), and move on.


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