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Dating a older women

They love to be wined and dined at classy and romantic restaurants.

The conversations you have with them are on a different level altogether.

Their entire approach towards how things should be done, especially in their relationships, is unique.

Older women are more understanding as compared to younger women, and this is due to their past experiences. You will also be able to enjoy your space and time with your buddies, as she will be busy mostly working on her own stuff. They love spending quality time with their boyfriends, and even an impromptu stroll in the park makes them happy.

That is why, once they feel that they are prepared to have a child, they want to go ahead and have one.

Women want commitment, to settle down fast, and have a family of their own.

While talking about an older woman dating a younger man, our first thought goes to tinsel town's very gorgeous and glamorous Demi Moore.

Her relationship with Ashton Kutcher, who is nearly 16 years younger than her, has been gossiped about so much, that people very affectionately have given her the cognomen 'the original Cougar of Hollywood'.

See, the thing with women is that, they are naturally born caregivers, and they know this.Could it be possible that his attraction has nothing to do with age but how he feels about the person. My question is, why are you so interested in what he does?They are more focused where their goals and targets (regarding their life) are concerned. Older women give the best advice, and are amazing at cheering you up, especially when you are feeling down. They are spontaneous, and are game for trying out new things and exploring new places (taking her out for romantic getaways will earn you some extra brownie points).One thing that is very noticeable with older women, is that they are oozing with confidence and class.We really can't help it, but women are very territorial.Apart from being territorial, the most cliched con about dating an older woman is the fact that she has some issues about her past, the same mysterious past that she may or may not keep all mum about.They will never indulge in mindless gossip with you, nor will they bore you about how their nail broke, or some other mundane issue like that.Even the conversations you have will always be intelligent.Show her that she is important, and it is guaranteed to bring you superb results.So, you have the emotional baggage and stress sorted out for you, but then comes this biological clock, which only women can feel ticking.


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