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Dating a us navy sailor

Plus, you will automatically have less in common with civilians because you have different lifestyles by being in the Navy.

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Or like me and my husband, you'll choose to further his career.There will be times when you will be sad and miserable with loneliness. Everyone works on salary, which means that they work as many hours and weekends as needed to get the job done.You will have to face problems that are not the type of thing you are used to facing, like in my case finding a dead mouse stuck in my washing machine. How long those hours are and how often they are will depend on your partner’s job and location.Some jobs won't even require 8 hours where others will keep him there 12-16 hours on a regular basis.Although the Navy will pay to move you, and it’s kind of cool getting to see new places, moving is a stressful thing and it’s hard mentally. It’s hard to be uprooted and taken away from friends and family. And you don’t always get the final say in where you end up.Similar relationships that are unduly familiar between officers or between enlisted members of different rank or grade may also be prejudicial to good order and discipline or of a nature to bring discredit on the naval service and are prohibited.Commands are expected to take administrative and disciplinary action as necessary to correct such inappropriate behavior.You're at the mercy of your supply buddy since storage spaces are locked from the outside.WATM editor's note: Let's be clear, you should never date on a Navy ship.The truth is – not knowing is scarier than the truth and being misled will lead to more trouble in the future. Below is my list and this is a list based on the idea of a Navy Girlfriend becoming a Navy Wife, so keep in mind that certain things like pay, benefits, and college tuition won't apply unless you are married. It’s not just every once in a while that he/she goes away either.I’m going to ask other Navy Wives to add to this list on our Facebook Forum so please check that out too. Most sailors have to do detachments on top of deployments.


  1. Meet navy men for dating and find your true love at. I am enlisted into the US Navy in 2013 and have loved it ever since, now I'm looking for.

  2. How to Date a US Navy Sailor. Sailors have always been intriguing people - sailing all over the world on a ship, fighting in wars, dealing with pirates, seeing.

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