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Dating a zippo lighter

mentioned in this old post as well as doing a lot of work in the area of high-speed data transport ... ) in order to retain an advantage over the end users.

and working with the various entities that were the likely candidates for the NSFNET backbone. The schemes employed can be so perverse that they defy belief at times. Invisible decisions taken by members of some board or committee, usually with all-too-visible results.

up thread references supporting full-duplex T1 and higher speed links.

Recent refs to To Be or To Do: Chinese and Indian Entrepreneurs Are Eating America's Lunch If IBM Hadn't Bet the Company past refs to "career enhancing" &/or never forgive for being right: arrogance metrics (Benoits) was: general networking cost of crossing kernel/user boundary Offshore IT I am an ageing techy, expert on everything. the executive sponsoring the activity retires (see description in above wiki).

past posts mentioning the internal network TCP/IP is the technology basis for the modern internet, the NSFNET backbone was the operational basis for the modern internet, and CIX was the business basis for the modern internet. old email about NSFNET backbone activity Old email reference to somebody having collected various email that was pushing a enormous amount of misinformation regarding SNA/VTAM suitability for the NSFNET backbone: misc. Either way it's hardly surprising and I'm trying to work out whether I've missed something or you've gone off at a tangent.

old reference to it at dedication of Boyd Hall at Air Force Weapons School, 17sep1999 I had sponsored Boyd's briefings at IBM.

Recent reference in this old email and in this post about "virtual Friday" (from ibm jargon) Note that Boyd's To Be or To Do scenario is a little different from the "Peter Principle" ... Both Boyd's To Be or To Do and IBM's Fast Track have the sense that blemishes are kept off their record.

Let me explain the MS to world: Stop sending money, we have enough - was Re: Most ... Project Monterey https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Monterey -- virtualization experience starting Jan1968, online at home since Mar1970 I had done some analysis of CVE reports (in part support for my merged security taxonomy & glossary) ...

can't run Vista time spent/day on a computer The Perfect Computer - 36 bits? back when they were still being handled by Mitre (at the time, I had asked some of the Mitre people if the reports could follow a little more structured reporting; at the time they said they were lucky enough to get people to fill them out at all).


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  3. List of Archived Posts 2011 Newsgroup Postings 02/26 - 03/13 IBM and the Computer Revolution If IBM Hadn't Bet the Company Is email dead? What do you think?

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