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Earlier this year, after the spectacular downfall of Patrick Brown on alleged sexual misconduct claims — which he vigorously denies — accusations of pay-to-play emerged on the opposition side.Specifically, Brown’s purchase of a home that he could not obviously afford was linked to a 5,000 payment from someone who subsequently was acclaimed to a PC nomination. All involved deny it and subsequently Brown said the money for the down payment came from his family.Ford has already hinted that, after the election, there needs to be reckoning with corruption in the PC nomination process.After an election, there is always a call for healing and desire to move on.Some of this has been reported on the record; much of it has not. But there are too many rumours, too many shady explanations, too much confidence eroded for nothing to be done.Then there were the accusations made by the Liberals, armed with audio recordings, that Ford, before he was PC leader, had encouraged people to become members without paying, which is not permitted. An internal party investigation led by an unimpeachable and respected party elder, or neutral third party, might be a feasible option.

The provincial election in Ontario on Thursday will bring a new government — Premier Kathleen Wynne has conceded that — but what will follow is unknown, and may be somewhat chaotic.

Bisexuals are not portrayed so much for their mannerisms as their supposed habits.

Some pass for straight or gay or allow others to make their own assumptions.

Ontario was well behind the political finance reforms in Ottawa, dating back to Jean Chrétien.

So after several months of defiantly excusing the inexcusable, Wynne’s government introduced similar reforms in late 2016, reducing the total amounts a donor might give, eliminating loopholes designed to get around those limits, and banning corporate and union money.


  1. It is reasonably clear to those who move in provincial political circles that a culture of corruption has taken root; a sleazy streak now runs through it

  2. PART 1 – One Year Later ===== "Charlie!" Olivia literally ran to her son as he walked through the front door, wrapping him in a smothering hug.

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