Dating depositions

Depositions have become a “standard” part of most cases, sometimes without much thought given to how they will advance the cause at trial. Opposing counsel can make the experience frustrating at best.Utilizing the results of the deposition at trial can be difficult, yet if done right, they can be an incredibly useful tool.MCLE Credit Caveat: The MCLE Board measures credits by the time you spend in attendance.If you enter a seminar late or leave it early, or both, you must reflect those adjustments accurately in the credits you report on your credit reporting form.You’ll learn when you should—and shouldn’t—seek a deposition; how to conduct it effectively and efficiently; how to deal with difficult opposing counsel; and how to use the deposition to best effect at trial. Topics to be covered include: Cancellation Policy: Cancellation/transfer requests will be honored until p.m. You will, however, be charged if you cancel or transfer your registration to a different seminar after the link to the materials has been e-mailed by Virginia CLE.Full refunds or transfers are available up to two days after a webcast in the unlikely event that you experience technical difficulties.

Back to top 34.6 (1) A witness summons is to be served by the court unless the party on whose behalf it is issued indicates in writing, when he asks the court to issue the summons, that he wishes to serve it himself.

Back to top 34.5 (1) The general rule is that a witness summons is binding if it is served at least 7 days before the date on which the witness is required to attend before the court or tribunal.

(2) The court may direct that a witness summons shall be binding although it will be served less than 7 days before the date on which the witness is required to attend before the court or tribunal.

(3) An order under this rule shall be for a deponent to be examined on oath before – (a) a judge; (b) an examiner of the court; or (c) such other person as the court appoints.

(Rule 34.15 makes provision for the appointment of examiners of the court) (4) The order may require the production of any document which the court considers is necessary for the purposes of the examination.


  1. Recently Approved Rule Changes Pending Determination of Effective Date. Upon motion of a party, the panel may permit depositions, but only under very.

  2. If you are facing your first deposition, or are a veteran of many but wish to revisit. Live-Interactive Credit 2.0 all dates, all formats Live Interactive MCLE Credit.

  3. Complaints about lack of professionalism, it is the area of depositions. opposing counsel first and cooperate on the selection of the date, time, and place.

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