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The founder and chief executive of Blued is working to make the China based-app a global business empire by providing gay men an array of services, from social networking and health care to surrogacy consulting and e-commerce In 1998, young police officer Ma Baoli desperately wanted to find love, but didn’t know how.

It was not because of China’s gender imbalance, where there are more men than women.

Growing up in a traditional family in the coastal city Beidaihe, about three hours drive from Beijing, Ma realised he was different when he was a 16-year-old cadet at a local police academy.

“We were taught at school that being gay was a kind of sexual abnormality.

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Garth Brooks met first wife Sandy Mahl back when he was known by his birth name, Troyal Garth Brooks.

Several years later, Sandy assisted in founding and funding the non profit so it could expand and grow and be a full time, all species, all situation facility.”Country music artist Tyler Farr’s “Love By The Moon” music video is a very personal look into the star’s private life.

The footage was filmed primarily on and around Farr’s home farm and features his wife,...

Ma was gay and kept it a secret because in China at that time, most people, even the criminal psychology teachers at the police academy, classified homosexuality as a mental disorder.

Worried over whether he was indeed sick, Ma turned to the brand new technology of the time – the internet – hoping to find someone just like him to talk to.


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