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The Universal House of Justice, as the head of the religion, has provided direction to the worldwide Bahá'í community primarily through a series of multi-year plans, as well as through annual messages delivered during the Ridván festival.

The messages have focused on increasing the number of Local Spiritual Assemblies, translating Bahá'í literature, establishing Bahá'í Centres, completing Bahá'í Houses of Worship, holding international conferences, and developing educational systems to enhance literacy, the role of women, spirituality for children and youth, family life, social and economic development, and communal worship.

The Universal House of Justice has also played a role in responding to systemic persecution of Bahá'ís in Iran by garnering worldwide media attention.

The books and documents published by the Universal House of Justice are considered authoritative and its legislative decisions are considered infallible by Bahá'ís.

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Thus during his lifetime, Shoghi Effendi prepared for the election of the Universal House of Justice, by establishing a strong administrative structure at the local and national levels.

In 1951 when there were 9 national spiritual assemblies, Shoghi Effendi appointed members to the International Bahá'í Council, and described it as an embryonic international House of Justice.


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