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Dating nice guy but not attracted

What will happen is that man will absolutely remain open and vulnerable, and he won’t close off. But, I’m always thinking about everybody else, and most other people are not as thick-skinned.I’ve had women tell me they’re not attracted to me, and that’s about it. Most other people are always looking for that excuse and the reason to shut down.Despite those relationships not working out in the long run, they did end up being some of the most rewarding dating experiences I've had.And I've gotta say -- it DOES have something to do with their looks.but I, too, have dated my fair share of Salman Rushdies.I've welcomed men into my bed who were short, fat, or balding (sometimes all three), while I, thankfully, am none of those things. Sometimes, You’re Just Not Attracted to the Other Person It happens all the time. Women are going out on dates every single day, and nothing is happening. So, how do you tell a man that you’re not attracted to him? – sometimes, it just doesn’t feel right, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

By saying that, you’re telling him that he’s great. You’re telling him all the things he needs to hear to move on and you’re actually supporting him in that quest.

But, every now and then, a couple pulls the switch off this genetic equilibrium.

And Now, I'm certainly not going to put myself into the same camp with the Julia Roberts and Padmas of the world...

The Right Way to Let Him Down You need to let him down this way: You need to look at him, and you need to rephrase it so you keep his ego in check, because it’s a delicate situation when a man is falling for a woman and he likes her but she doesn’t like him back.

You need to give him encouragement, so he goes out the very next day and feels amazing. I’ve been trying to, but I just don’t feel that attraction that I need.


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