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Dating without drama by paige parker

Feel free to review my stories but please be gentle, writing was never my strongest subject at school. Will they come together to survive or remain divided and both fall?

For all those who have sent in reviews thank you very much. COMPLETED STORIES: Arrow/Superman x-over: Last Minute Interventions. Crossroads(BSG2003 AU): An AU from Maelstrom as Kara's trip down the cosmic rabbit hole leaves her some place that is both familiar and different all at the same time. Starcrossed(BSG2003 AU): Instead of acting like vengeful children the Cylons seek peace and Karl 'Helo' Agathon finds himself falling for one of the Cylon representatives, a model Number 8, but can their love survive and possibly be the key to reuniting human and Cylon even as forces on both sides seek to trigger war.

That I would certainly keep though with Barry actually being a much better friend at the very least in helping her struggle.

And dear God I would not have Iris reduced to a plot device.

Drifters(Superman/Supergirl): Kara and Kal grow up drifting through space, homeless travellers, moving from one planet to another until one day Kara discovers her aunt has escaped the Phantom Zone and is on a distant world called Earth. Or Kara and Kal just end up another pair of alien refugees living on Earth.

Flash Season 3 AU: Personally, at best, I found season 3 mediocre.

The one against ourselves.(Or perhaps it could have been done already with Earth 2 Barry being Zoom, which would have made sense since we already saw on Earth 2 that Caitlin, Ronnie and Cisco were villains).Her foreseen death meant there was next to none character development for her. A season 3 AU where after Iris learns about Flashpoint she is not so quick to forgive Barry.As they drift apart Barry finds himself more focused on helping Caitlin after he learns she's changing.It is after that I felt it lost its way to the point I will not be watching season 9. Smallville X: Evolution Year 3.(1.5): The Search for Magik.Alongside that you can include Doctor Who, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica both the original and updated versions. Smallville X: Evolution Year 2.2: Best Served Cold. Smallville/Runaways x-over: Never make fun of the hat! I thought I would add a section where I can note down my story ideas when they hit me.Buffy X-Overs: A Surprise Guest and its prequel So I Married an Alien in Vegas. Comics Story: The Dating Game; another SM/WW story. New Year's Resolution Series: New Year's Resolution. A Helo/Sharon story because lets face it, their love story was the best bit of the show.Super-Phoenix Mark 2.0(Superman/Marvel x-over): A variation on an earlier idea.Last Minute Interventions Mark 2.0(Arrow x-over): Clark may have saved Laurel from Darhk but his own plans are far from over yet.Continuing the story with an AU version of season 4's finale, perhaps leading into a x-over with Flash's finale with Zoom and his metahuman army, including a certain evil twin of our bird themed heroine.How Laurel met Clark(Arrow x-over): The prequel to my short story Last Minute Interventions on how Laurel Lance met Clark Kent.A Butterfly flapping creates a Hurricane(Doctor Who): What if, when Clara jumps into the Doctor's timestream she does more than just stop the Great Intelligence but alters one key moment of the Doctor's past.


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