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We call each other on our excuses, the BS, and we carry each other’s struggles and build each other up when another falls. Maybe you think you know and you just don’t know how to frame it, or maybe you’re a girl and you are having a hard time understanding how all of this relates to you.

Maybe you are holding on to the notion that this is “pick-up” with a different name and that infuriates you (which I can understand, but you’re completely off.) I don’t know where you are at, but I can definitely help lift the fog on what Social Dynamics is and how it’s not a boy’s club- it’s for women too! 😉 For all my ladies out there, I’m a self-respecting girl and some-what of a feminist.

We aren’t about helping dudes sleep with as many girls possible, we are about creating connections with everyone to better our personal relationships, our careers, and our social circles. ” Life = Relationships and Social Dynamics teaches you how to build long lasting relationships with anyone and everyone.

I would be more than happy to help or ask any probing questions. I will be launching a womans program in the new year and would love to hear your suggestions or feedback.

I wouldn’t take part or advertise a company that is involved with pick-up theories.

I understand the benefits of pickup but I also understand its downfalls and where PUA’s (pick-up artists) are missing out when it comes to building long-lasting relationships.

It only makes sense that now as I find myself completely surrounded by men in a company that I admire and love being a part of.

It’s not always easy being the only woman because I don’t make it easy on myself.


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