Daughter dating older

First, I don’t know what state you live in, but I’m not buying that, “Since they met when he was under 18 that there is nothing they can do.” Uhm, the hell!!! What state will overlook an 18-year old dating a 14-year old even if they met while he was under age?I strongly urge you to look to the courts, talk with a lawyer, and get some legal professionals involved.

With that, I strongly suggest taking her cell phone, computer, and other access to social media outlets which will give her access to this nasty a** boy. Don’t allow him at your house, in your house, near your house, or around the perimeters of your house.How and what the hell is she doing, and where is she going at 14 years old?I know you work, but there is no way she should be outside after 5pm, hell 6pm, not unless she is in afterschool programs, or involved in some sports activity.I plan on moving next month, so hopefully that will end the relationship.My biggest concern is that he has given her 4 STDs!! I swear I would be locked up if I found out my 14-year old daughter was dating an 18-year old boy, and he gave her 4 STDs! Yeah, you would be reading about me on every blog, and seeing me on all the news channels. Chile, you got my blood pressure up with this letter.Have one once a month, or even once a week if your schedule allows.Building a strong mother daughter relationship is important and what better way to do it than with quality time together? – rock painting – manis pedis – go shoe shopping (or window shoe shopping) – netflix popcorn – board game night – video game night – go to the farmer's market – visit an outdoor festival or craft show – learn a few words in a new language! – start a mother/daughter journal – sundaes chick flick – go see a ballet or play – visit the children's museum – makeovers – picnic at home – photo shoot – at home or around the city!– spa night | DIY brown sugar scrub – craft night | duck tape crafts – baking night | try fancy cupcakes | try my cupcake recipes – geocaching – play the wii or kinect together – yoga | yoga for kids dvd – meditation – roller skate – paint pottery (at home or at a paint your own pottery place) – blanket fort!– ice cream sundae buffet dancing – pretend it's a different season (summer in winter, winter in summer) – dinner by candlelight – mystery movie night – make food that has to do with the movie, have the kids guess which movie it is – dance til you drop night!This is one of the ways I bond with Gracelynn, all the time.– window shopping ice cream – theme dinner – from another country, era, etc. – coffee date (cocoa for the little ones) – at home or out at Dunkin Donuts – volunteer together – go to a concert – take a class together (at a craft store, or at a gym) – hit up a thrift store | see my goodwill finds – fashion show mini makeovers – go for a hike – take a boat ride – write a story together – act out the story you wrote!


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