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There are many different types of possible nuclear decays: . Beta-minus decay (converting neutrons to protons, releasing electrons) . A dirty bomb is an explosive device designed to eject or spray radioactive material over a small area.

It does not produce mass amounts of fallout compared to a traditional nuclear device, since there is no fission involved.

It cannot be used to date rocks, both because of its short half life (about 5,000 years), and because it can only be used to date the remains of living things (such as bones, or wood). No, carbon dating is the amount of an isotope of carbon in a fossil, Carbon 14.

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However cases among scientists go back to as early as 1897 when Marie...This isotope has a half lifeof around 5...( Warning: This is a little long.For a summary, scroll down to the bottom.) Depends on the kind of decay.Carbonusually exists as the isotope C12 meaning that it has 6 protons and6 neutrons in its nucleus.However, a small percentage of all Cexists as the radioactive C14 isotope.Most of the remaining atoms (1.11%) have 7 neutrons alongwith their 6 protons and are called carbon-13 atoms,...For the more unstable isotopes (the higher the atomic weight, themore unstable, generally speaking), the half-life can be as shortas a few seconds.this usually happens with large nuclei, which tend to be more unstable (radioactive) than smaller nuclei."The radioactive decay of any atom is associated with theemission of a charged particle (alpha or positive or negative beta)from or the capture of an electron by the nucleus." Nucleonics Fundamentals by David B. Radioactive decay is the spontaneous change or disintegration of anunstable atomic nucleus as it transforms itself to lose energy.Itdoes this by the release of either particulate radiation orelectromagnetic radiation, or both.Carbon dating is a method of telling approximately how old an ancient object is. Carbon atoms are contained in every part of every cell of allliving things on Earth.Most carbon atoms (98.89%) are calledcarbon-12 because they have 6 neutrons and 6 protons in theirnuclei.


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