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Filipina student chat

An academic will find a way to invent an obscure word to replace an English equivalent, but nobody will actually use this word.

In many cases locals would scratch their head and give up after asking many of their friends when I asked if there was a Tagalog translation of an English term.

This encouragement is a crucial part of how your story in progressing in the language will go.

Everybody told me right from the start that I'll do well in this mission, whether they knew my background or not.

(as you'll see below), but because Filipinos are extremely encouraging and constantly remind you how “easy” their language is. ” It's consistent and propagated by some more than others.

They also say “only” a lot after all prices when speaking English.If you take on Tagalog, Filipinos will patiently and enthusiastically listen to you as you try and constantly remind you how much you are progressing, even when you just start with pleasantries.NOT having this in other languages slows you down tremendously, whether it really has complex grammar, tones etc. So if you've chosen to learn Tagalog, you start off on the right foot immediately just for picking a culture that will be so receptive to you trying!One of the first things you should realise is that it's simply inaccurate to think that the Philippines has one unifying language.I started my trip in the country in the city of Cebu, and Cebuano/Visayan tends to be called a “dialect”, which is interesting because they are actually more different from Tagalog and less mutually intelligible than European languages that are officially counted as separate (like Portuguese, Spanish, Italian).Because of this I almost heard anyone refer to Tagalog as “Filipino”.If you don't plan on living in a Tagalog speaking part of the country then I'd suggest that you start with the local language immediately instead.The choice wasn't so clear cut – there were actually technically more Visayan speakers than Tagalog ones when the decision was made, and this continues to cause frustration in Visayans.(Although even the term “Visayan” is frustrating to some).Its invented label of “Filipino” was an attempt to bring people of the whole country together under one language.In non-Tagalog parts of the country you see the language in advertisements and you'll hear it on TV or in some offices, but people on the street don't use it at all.


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