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"It's like a bad relationship I can't get out of."Nancy, like the other CLs, doesn't want her real name used because she fears that AOL will kick her off the system and she'll lose her online identity."In reality I'm a disabled fat woman," she says.It briefly considered charging them .95 a month for their accounts.

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At first, AOL didn't seem to know what to do with the remaining volunteers - whether to keep them or let them go.Asked about his motivation, the CL replies, "It's vanity.I've invested three years of my life here, and I don't want someone else to take it over."One might expect that the people suing AOL would be those who saw their areas fatten into cash cows - folks with a clear beef.AOL volunteers are now rewarded with a variety of perks: free accounts, AOL trinkets, and the occasional online session with Steve Case, whose chat is regarded as lackluster. For them, community is more than a "sticky app." They want things online they can't get in real life: respect, power, a place where they belong, friends, you name it.They receive tools and access that regular members don't have - they can creep around in hidden areas, hang out in special lounges, and script content in RAINMAN, AOL's proprietary language."It was a power trip.But that's not how it happened: The lawsuit and the federal complaints were filed by a community of ex-CLs that started its own Web site, in 1998.Some grew weary of working for free; others spoke out and had their CL status revoked.The site was built and is maintained by an all-volunteer labor force.Former CLs even have the old uniforms back: graybeards are known as Enlightened Ones, while newbies get to be Lil' Mushrooms.fortune was built, and class-action lawsuit was born, on the fingers of tens of thousands of unpaid volunteers.__Call them volunteers, remote staff, or community leaders - they are the human face of AOL. Six months ago seven former AOL community leaders asked the Department of Labor to investigate whether AOL owes them back wages.


  1. Oct 1, 1999. Sign InorRegister if you're already a subscriber. Fourteen thousand volunteer CLs not only play hall monitor to AOL's vaunted. All that chat added up According to some estimates, by 1996 the service's non-sex chat was pulling in. Without the hundreds of dollars worth of free hours, more than half left.

  2. Log in or sign up in seconds. It's available for free on all the major and most of the minor eBook retailers. We'd met in one of the role playing chat rooms on AOL and. I kept brushing it off because when sex wasn't the forced topic of. I no longer live in that state Arizona, but it was years before I.

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