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(An investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that Tesla’s Autopilot system was not to blame.)Musk is stoic about setbacks but all too conscious of nightmare scenarios.

Woolie: Alright, so the first 30 pages are flashback scenes dealing with Wander's life prior to the Forbidden Lands, and every single one is awful. Aww he's doin' the shit with the sword." Matt as Emon: He's literally doing the thing we said "you know what you shouldn't do? Matt as Emon: Man he's really actually good at killing Colossuseses.

Woolie as Emon: Y'know I had a busy day putting kids in cages in forgotten labyrinths, and now...

Matt: "Well, dad, since my boss has a tongue piercing"...

They argue not about “whether” but rather about “how close” we are to replicating, and improving on, ourselves.

Sam Altman, the 31-year-old president of Y Combinator, the Valley’s top start-up accelerator, believes humanity is on the brink of such invention.“The hard part of standing on an exponential curve is: when you look backwards, it looks flat, and when you look forward, it looks vertical,” he told me.


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