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Guo guo and george hu dating

Yao Yao and Lego will be spending this Valentine’s Day filming their drama.

Yao Yao laughingly said that she never celebrated Valentine’s Day that much.

But then something happens and it tears them apart.

In 2009, he became a member of the music band "Wu Hu Jiang" (武虎將 / Tiger Team), co-working with leader Benji, Bo Yan, Shao Xiang and Si Wei Hong Zheng.

(那刻的怦然心动) is a modern drama with George Hu and Kan Qing Zi as leads.

George plays a perfectionist artist, who is introverted, sensitive, and cold.

She joked, “I hope to have a wedding at Japan’s Disneyland.” Lego Lee described himself as the kind of person who would inexplicably get a flash wedding, while Yao Yao is more rational and felt that weddings should happen when two people feel responsible enough.

Yao Yao shared that she didn’t have pressure from home on who to date because the only requirements her mom had was for the guy to treat her daughter kindly.


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