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The main character is a sweet girl who is trying to cope with her parents divorce on her own and thankfully a caring adult interferes with her unhealthy coping mechanisms and helps her find hope.

Available from Amazon for .99 by Paula Dan Ziger is a book for kids between 1st — 3rd grade.

It was always so hard to watch a child sit in front of me and literally sob because their little world was shattered by their parents’ separation.

My maternal instincts wanted to hold the child and tell them it was going to be okay.

I obviously didn’t, as that would be totally unprofessional of me as a counselor, and the reality was that it most likely wasn’t going to be okay. It most likely was going to bring out feelings of anger that they didn’t even know existed. Children enjoy reading books when they can find something in common with the characters in the story.

It most likely was going to feel like their little world was going to end. The books below are not “how-to” books per say, but they help children walk through the difficult and confusing emotions that accompany divorce.

If that is beyond your financial means, perhaps you can enlist a trusted adult friend or relative. My ex and I agreed to celebrate the children's birthdays together.

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It helped that I knew for sure in my deepest core that we would never again be a couple.Keep these resources on hand as you never know what hurting or confused child might cross your path looking for answers, hope but most of all just a listening ear.Here are 10 fabulous picture and chapter books that will help your student, child, or friend who finds themselves in the midst of a divorce.This book with help children empathize with the character whether they are personally going through divorce or not.The character is fun and hilarious so you will find yourself laughing, even while you are crying.Make clear to the kids that the divorce is not about them. Some think, especially if they have ever heard you arguing about them. I soon learned that even if I were to have said something like, "Your father raped a whole cheerleading squad," they would have responded, "Don't say anything bad about my dad." Let the kids know you want them to have a good relationship with both parents.Look each of your children in the eye and let them know they could not have caused the divorce, nor could they have prevented it. Fortunately, I divorced someone who cared about the kids as much as I did.Ours was a low-maintenance guy, whom I was happy to feed twice a day and take outside 3 times a day.Whenever I asked the kids for help, I generally received it. Try to find a good therapist, who is experienced with children.Babble participates in affiliate commission programs, including with Amazon, which means that we receive a share of revenue from purchases you make from the links on this page.Before I became a freelance writer, I was a counselor at a school.


  1. Dating after divorce. What you say to your children when you begin dating after your divorce will. author of Helping Your Kids Cope with Divorce the.

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