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How to flirt telugu married women

Married women want to be heard and seen in a way that does not happen with their husbands, and if you can master this act, you are in for many surprises.Do not get into realities of her, just enjoy these moments with passion.text her early morning, the first thing she sees is your name and it just sets the tone for her day.Texting can also be fun because we all make spelling mistakes, and you could intentionally do so to put ideas in her mind.Being a little creative with the words you use, the timing and the intentions can make any woman excited and aroused over text messages.Playfully text her about what she is doing, but do not leave questions as they are.Married women are looking for distraction from their routine life – the piles of laundry and the deadlines of work.Flirting with a married woman is no different from flirting with any other woman – you walk up to her and say a Hello, or you sit next to her and order a drink, asking her politely if you may order for her as well.

Text messages can be fun, because you do not need to make an extra effort and yet get to make her think about you. We have an interesting article on the subject which we recommend you read.

Getting a married woman to love you is no cakewalk, and would require more efforts than what you need to put if you just want to have some fun with her.

However, you cannot go with a bouquet of flowers or some love notes if you want an older married woman to love you.

Seducing a married woman can be a tough game if she doesn’t like to be pursued.

Married woman can be serious about their marriage and may not be interested in having extramarital affairs for the complications they bring.


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