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International marriage agency dating site dating regina sk

We have a webpage called “Throwing Money Away” where we take quotes primarily from various Latin women forums on customer experiences using other marriage agencies.

Well, Barranquilla´s Best loved our idea and did their own version titled “Wasting Your Money” and then “Wasting/Time Money” (documented and archived on The Internet Archive website), taking many of the same quotes with one primary alteration.

They were using Engage the Exotic as a description link to their site on the dating directories.

This one was from A Single Place directory: “Latins Connection: Engage the Exotic Latina. See pictures and videos of Latin women and Colombian women.

“Engage the Exotic” is protected under the law even without a registration.

Registration only secures added benefits beyond the rights I have all ready acquired by actually being the first party to use this trademark in commerce…

This Philippine marriage agency website stole most of its content and design from International Introductions website.

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Many days later they changed “exotic” to “erotic” (how clever).

Even if there was no such protection after bringing this to your attention, the appropriate action should have been to create your own copy/heading instead of taking ours.

But instead you try to defend your position, not from a moral ground, but a legal one.

Barranquilla´s Best announces, “These are not statements about Barranquillas Best or Latin Dream Girls.” Now if you have to say this you know something fishy is going on.

Take one statement from Barranquilla’s Best webpage: “I spend 4 days sitting in the agencies office meeting no one.


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