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Unbeknownst to Zeus and the other deities, however, Hades despises the Underworld, as well as his job, finding them both gloomy, depressing, and overbearing.

Because of this, Hades secretly plots to overthrow Zeus and rule Mount Olympus as the King of Deities, himself.

At times, the smallest inconveniences can send him over the edge, causing fiery fits and extreme damage to the area and people around him, depending on the situation.

This quality makes him a feared figure among Greece and beyond, especially in the eyes of his minions, Pain and Panic.

Though powerful in his own right, Hades is considerably weaker than Zeus, and maybe even Poseidon, if not equal to the latter.

If you see a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute.This interpretation of the character proved successful, making Hades one of the most popular Disney Villains, and a primary member of the franchise.Hades was granted ownership of the Underworld by Zeus, unwillingly.In the mix, he comes across a girl named Megara who sells her soul to him in order to save her boyfriend's life.However, once he has revived, the boy abandons Meg for another woman, breaking her heart and leaving her in Hades' hands. When Hades discovers through this that Hercules was still alive, he takes matters into his own hands, by sending an army of monsters to defeat Hercules, beginning with the Hydra.Hades deduces that Hercules' love for Megara is his weakness and uses her to trick Hercules into giving up his godlike strength for a day for Meg's safety.Hercules agrees and Hades, knowing Hercules will not interfere, not only unleashes the Titans at last, but also sends the Cyclops to kill Hercules while he is powerless.What Hades lacks in physical strength, he makes up for in meticulous planning, impressive manipulation, and an intimidating aura.Aside from that, Hades is best known for his uncontrollably hot temper, although he is fully aware of this and immediately tries to remain calm and maintain composure as much as he can.Humiliated by his brother in front of the other deities, he leaves Olympus to the Underworld to plan his takeover of Olympus.Early in the film, Hades asks Pain and Panic if the Fates have arrived, before they reveal the Fates are waiting for him.


  1. Hades during one of his fiery tantrums. What Hades lacks in physical strength, he makes up for in meticulous planning, impressive manipulation, and an intimidating aura.

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