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George's recurring gag was meeting Mr Whittendale who is a banker and landlord of the apartment building that George and Louise lives at and George wants to get in good with him to help his dry cleaning business make more money.In one 3rd season farcical episode , George schemes to obtain a new client (a mixed-race couple) by inviting them and the Willises (also a mixed-race couple) to dinner.Helmsley appeared as George twice on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air", appearing along with Isabel Sanford as Louise, debating whether or not to buy the house Will Smith's character had lived in for the last several years from his aunt and uncle in the later episode.The third episode of All In The Family explained how George Jefferson started his dry-cleaning business.

On the short lived series, E/R, George visited his niece, Julie Williams (played by Lynne Moody), a Chicago nurse.He got the money from a car crash and collected the insurance to start his dry cleaning business.The background on William Jefferson, George's father, is that he was a street maintennance worker in New York City, although George doctored up the story of his family in one episode, when he was interviewed by a reporter in order to imress him about his rags-to-riches story, intimating that they were Alabama sharecroppers.Played by Sherman Hemsley on the American television sitcoms All In The Family (from 1973 until 1975) and its spinoff, The Jeffersons (1975–1985).The character appears in all 253 episodes of The Jeffersons.George Jefferson was born in Harlem, NY in about 1929 or 1930, an ambitious African-American entrepenuer who started and managed a successful chain of seven dry cleaning stores in New York City.His mother, Olivia, better known on the series as Mother Jefferson, was supposedly a domestic, like wife Louise would be when they married, until they started up the dry-cleaning business around 1968.Once Hemsley became available and joined the cast, the character of his brother became extraneous, and a result, Henry Jefferson never appeared on The Jeffersons.Henry's absence was attributed to his family's move to Chicago, but was mentioned one time when he had a son named Raymond (played by Gary Coleman), who came to visit his aunt Louise and uncle George in one episode of The Jeffersons.Unlike Archie, however, George was more quick-thinking, and usually more clever.Frequently, plots in The Jeffersons revolved around George's usually dishonest schemes, which always ended in comedic failure and make a lot of money.


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