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Jerry and elaine dating rules sewing machine dating sew mor

You're one of those losers in Las Vegas who keeps thinking he's gonna come up with a way to win at blackjack. We've designed at set of rules that we can maintain the friendship by advancing all of the relationship pitfalls.

Jerry: Well, we've tried to arrange a situation where we'll be able to do this once in a while and still be friends. Jerry: I know, I'm having my root canal the same week. I hope you have a good oral surgeon because that can be very serious. Jerry: I have a vague recollection of doing something with someone, but it was a long, long time ago. Jerry: But of course, we'd have to figure out a way to avoid the things that cause the little problems. Elaine: Yeah, we just wanna take this and add that. Jerry: For example, now, I call you whenever I'm inclined and vice versa. Jerry: But if we did that, we might feel a certain obligation to call. Jerry: So she's flipping around the TV, and she gets to the naked station. If I had that in my house, I would never turn it off. Eventually, firemen would have to break through the door, they'd find me sitting there in my pajamas with drool coming down my face. (Runs into bookshelf) % Jerry's apartment the next day. Jerry: No, I think I saw him on land a couple times. Well, you can't expect to just forget the past completely. Jerry: Yeah, we pretty much know what we're doin' in there.


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