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Jewish interracial dating

Only time will tell once I’m in a serious relationship how I feel about the religion aspect, but so far it’s a tertiary concern behind personality and attraction.” Too limiting “I’ve dated Jews and non-Jews.

It turns out that many young adult members of the Boston Jewish community are thinking quite seriously about this question.It is important to me to live a Jewish life and to raise my nonexistent children Jewish.However, if that can be done in a thoughtful way with a partner who is not Jewish, I am open to that.What I do know is that I want the Jewish community to be a welcoming place to all people, couples and families, regardless of origin.I feel that those who are definitively against intermarriage do not have a realistic vision of the future of the Jewish people.” Shared heritage “Yes, I will only date Jews.My Jewish partners have been less educated and less willing to learn about my Jewish practices and beliefs than my non-Jewish partners.And isn’t that—respect, a willingness to learn, an openness to faith—really what we, as Jews, want in our partners?So maybe I wouldn’t want to date a non-practicing Jew in the same way I wouldn’t want to date a non-Jew.But I think I would be more open to dating non-Jews were it not for school.” A welcoming place I have struggled with this a lot.See below for some of their responses, ranging from “no Jews” to “only Jews.” Add your own thoughts in the comments, or email me privately.Haven’t found it “I don’t date Jews, and I haven’t in a long time.


  1. Are you a 40 and over single professional Jewish white man or Professional Black woman in search of your soul mate? Are you open to dating outside of your.

  2. Mar 18, 2014. While the number of mixed-race families and, indeed, mixed-race people is growing all the time, mixed-race couples still are not so common.

  3. Feb 4, 2014. White for Fun, Brown for Settling Interracial Dating's Generation Gap. was once married to a woman who was not Jewish, though she later.

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