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"Listen, we have a very sweet friendship, and we are together all the time," Cohen said."I think that I was not surprised [by the speculation] because we also have a great love for each other.And I want to thank you for that.” “I want them to see you in the new light that I see you,” Cohen, 50, smiled back at Mayer, referencing his new single. Reps for Mayer and Lawrence didn’t immediately get back to us.“Slowly but surely I’m setting myself up for another disastrous celebrity relationship so that I can wake up a month later and be back 10 years in time.

” Some time after the latest awful episode, he’s downing a few Old-Fashioneds at a Los Angeles beautiful-people watering hole.Since 2001, he’s released four studio albums, starting with is my best one.And I think you gain more than you lose by saying that”), it debuted at Number One.It's been about 30 minutes since I started writing this caption. While we're not usually in the business of celebrity gossip (save the Jenners because they're just fascinating), we came across some paparazzi photos during our usual morning scroll that had us seriously scratching our heads. He was spotted out and about last night alongside Dorothy Wang (of E!host recently sat down with CNN to settle the score.Although he wasn't surprised to hear that people thought the two were together, he confirmed the speculations to be false. “Hey,” she says, “before I go, can I have your autograph? Mayer says this has happened to him more than once, so he knows what she’s thinking: “Wait till I tell my friends I turned down John Mayer! She turns to him, this girl he had longed for, however briefly, felt a connection with, felt hope.John Mayer goes out to a club, any club, he feels bad about it if some big host man makes someone get up from the banquette and take their Grey Goose elsewhere so the skinny rock star with the weirdly elevated hair can sit down. “No, man, and after that happens eight, nine times, I’d rather just go home and Red Tube, good night. So maybe that really is his situation, despite who he is.It doesn’t exactly thrill him, either, when he’s got to take a leak, and the line is long, and now the big man guarding the bathroom is making some dude hop on both feet so that Mr. Sure, lots of people don’t like him and his music, too poppy, too sensitive, his head is too big, he uses the word “meta” too often.


  1. Jun 4, 2018. John Mayer's self-deprecation is firmly intact. After surprising Andy during a taping of a special episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy.

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