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Women need men who support them in their careers and personal life,” a statement echoed by Psychiatrist Dr. “Confidence is the best make-up you can put on,” says the wife of Tony, a man interviewed in the previous feature.“If you are confident, you attract men who will respect you. “One does not necessarily have to be beautiful to be confident; not to say that I am not beautiful but any man worth his grain would choose inner beauty over curves and a pretty face,” she says. Women with inner beauty As fashion designer Betsey Johson put it, Girls do not dress for boys.“The way a guy reacts tells me whether he is a keeper.If he takes my meekness for weakness, I know it is time to run. Steve says in his book, women were made from the ribs of men, an organ close to his heart.But Annemary Mukobwa is of the opinion that only a lazy slug would ask for such.“What happened to the man providing, protecting and being the priest of the family? Magezi Kabasoga, a respondent to the feature on ke says, “We should go back to our roots; the African way of sharing responsibilities.“Women want to feel secure, or at least I do,” she adds. To respect, leave alone submit to a man who is not doing his job, is an uphill task in itself,” she concludes.

She however confesses that it was not always easy as they had to learn to communicate what she felt and is lucky to have a husband who is patient enough.

When you love and trust each other your money becomes family money. Hard-working wives Hellen Mwihaki, a 27-year-old teacher and a single mother of one says in as much as there are different things that men look for, hard work and beauty is a common factor.

I think a lady has to look good and appealing to the eye if she is to position herself for a good guy.

In this working era where women make their own money, they are assured of their financial security and hence need companionship. Steve Ogan, a married teacher and evangelist with four sons, argues that women submit when their husbands love them, and the best way to love a wife is to make her realistic story book expectation come true. Women who do not deny them conjugal rights ALSO READ: Polyamorous couple share bed with TWO 'wives' and raise their eight children to call all three women More than 65 per cent of all problems in marriage are rooted in sexual mal-adjustment between husband and wife.

While men expect their partners to always be on standby any time they need their conjugal rights, they do not understand that there are times or seasons when sex can be a burden for the woman.


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