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Leibniz labor for radiometric dating and isotope research

The standard chemical pre-treatment of organic radiocarbon samples produces often two fractions: one from which contaminants have been removed, and one in which they have been enriched.

Dating both fractions reveals the degree of sample contamination.

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The production of C in the atmosphere varies through time due to changes in the Earth's geomagnetic field intensity and in its concentration, which is regulated by the carbon cycle.

The records of the 14C content of the atmosphere and oceans contain a remarkable array of information about Earth history.

Produced by cosmic rays in the upper atmosphere, 14CO2 rapidly mixes throughout the troposphere and exchanges with the reactive carbon reservoirs of the oceans and biosphere, where it decays.

As a result of these two variables, a radiocarbon age is not equivalent to a calendar age.

Four decades of joint research by the dendrochronology and radiocarbon communities have produced a radiocarbon calibration data set of remarkable precision and accuracy extending from the present to approximately 12,000 calendar years before present.


  1. The Leibniz Laboratory for Radiometric Dating and Stable Isotope Research was established at the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel, Germany, in 1994.

  2. Leibniz-Labor for Radiometric Dating and Isotope. epibenthic and planktic stable-isotope records from sites to the north and south of the Denmark Strait.

  3. C-AMS at the Leibniz-Labor radiometric dating and isotope research. The Leibniz-Labor was founded to provide radiometric dating services using AMS and.

  4. Leibniz-Labor für Altersbestimmung und Isotopenforschung;. at the Leibniz-Labor. Laboratory for Radiometric Dating and Stable Isotope.

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