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"Personally, I believe in some cases, depending on the support of their environment and personal relationships, it is possible, but only when these desires are relatively mild in intensity." Your husband's interest in diapers—which would seem to go all the way back to at least age 7—can't be described as mild.

"Given the apparent strength and persistence of her husband's interest, I think it unlikely that suppression could ever be successful," said Dr. "In this case, I think MADDL's desire for her husband to have sexual desires she agrees with in order for her to be married to him is a form of sexual extortion, i.e., 'If you love me and want to be with me, you'll give up this sexual interest that I find disgusting.' Without empathy, mutual respect, communication, unconditional love, and a willingness to negotiate and accommodate compromises and win-win solutions, this couple is doomed, regardless of diapers under the bed." Now let's bring in a voice you rarely hear when diaper fetishists are being discussed: an actual diaper fetishist.

But on the day we were supposed to go, he was mad about every little thing I did and then said he wasn't going!

I went crazy and called his mom and told her everything, and she said she found a diaper under his bed when he was 7!

Viewers slam BBC Breakfast host's 'cringeworthy' interview with Sir David Attenborough who gives her short shrift when she quizzes him over meeting the Queen...

before asking him: 'Why are butterflies so colourful?

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Hello guys, I'm carol and Jen the new duo escortgf in Philippines, small, sexy and sweet lollipop. Five months into our relationship (before we got married), he confessed that he was an adult baby. When I asked what the deal was, he told me he wasn't into sex because diapers weren't involved. ) I told him he would have to choose: diapers or me. Once I was free to have sex again after the birth, it was like he wasn't into it.Deja Vu also offers the single best drink deal I know of anywhere in Vegas, and it’s available seven nights a week.The deal is an open bar every night—7 days a week, domestics and wells—from 6 pm to 10 pm. Shortly before the birth of our child, I found out that he'd been looking at diaper porn online. He apologized and said he'd never look at diaper porn again.I broke down, and he agreed to talk to a counselor.I recommend it highly for a private-room show if you have some money to treat yourself.For those who seek the complete package of SEXY, INDEPENDENT, and CHARM I am the one!! Admission to Deja Vu is but there’s no reason for anyone sane to pay it.That’s because the club offers free admission, plus a free drink (for after the open bar closes), simply for getting to the club in the free club limo.


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