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He helps decorate and even pretends to enjoy it as he brings deserts out and snuggles with Betty.When Archie confronts Jughead about the Serpents possibly trashing his dad's equipment at his work site right in the middle of Polly's shower, Betty finds out about Jughead's dad being a Serpent and confronts Jughead about why he kept it a secret.started airing last year, you knew there was something special about Jughead and Betty.

But when Archie strums out one of his new original songs at the lunch table, her emotions get the best of her and she runs off crying. She still has feelings for Archie and she's PISSED at Veronica for kissing him.

That's when they have "their moment" — as Jughead called it — and kissed for the first time.

The episode opens up with Jughead having a nightmare about a twisted version of his life where everyone has turned into weird robots.

Banks, 35, was plagued by ghey rumors for nearly his entire rap career.

The rumors intensified in 2004 when a p0rn website published a video clip of a man who bears a strong resemblance to Banks performing an intimate act on another p0rn actor.


  1. Lloyd Banks. 1.9M likes. Follow me on instagram --

  2. Oct 31, 2013. Keep Up. Lloyd Banks. Banks around, you got no control. Relax and let it go. Don't be difficult, we ain't dating. Better stay in line with the.

  3. Jun 18, 2007. a homo, saying "I don't know how he would get Lloyd Banks confused with me," 50 Cent approached her at a party and called her "gangsta.

  4. Aug 9, 2005. G-Unit rappers Lloyd Banks and Young Buck were released without bail today Aug. 9 following their arrest on felony gun possession charges.

  5. Feb 14, 2011. Lloyd Banks on Love and Other Stuff. Smart Funny. Amanda Seales talks "Dating Advice in your 20s" HOFSTRA U 2017 - Duration.

  6. Dec 26, 2016. George Michael, who died suddenly on Sunday, had several loves throughout his life — and it all started when he met Anselmo Feleppa.

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