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He completed this first series of lectures on the 22Meyer returned to Glasgow again at the end of 1904 to begin his second series of lectures.He spoke, 25 November 1904, on the theme of ‘the origins of Celtic literature’ to an audience which included Principal Story in the Greek classroom.He was a lecturer and then professor of German at the University of Liverpool, England, for 27 years.Meyer was also a pioneer of Celtic studies and held classes in Irish and Welsh at Liverpool, stimulating an interest in Celtic at that University.This was driven by the need to prepare trainee ministers for a life of Gaelic preaching and the absence of Gaelic training anywhere at tertiary level – despite ongoing calls from the Gaelic community in Glasgow for Gaelic provision at the University.

His first year’s series, on the theme of ‘The Celtic Church in Britain and Ireland’ commenced with a lecture in the Greek class-room, 18 January 1904.

This logjam was weakened, although not completely removed by the bequest left the University by the in 1893.

Mac Callum’s will stipulated that a Celtic lectureship be established and left monies to that end.

By December 1899, An Comunn Oiseanach, together with the Free Church Celtic students’ society presented a petition to the University Court demanding action on the matter of the Celtic lectures.

Official inertia had been overcome by mid 1900 and the University engaged Professor Mànus (or Magnus) Maclean (1857-1937), a Skyeman from Fasach, was an expert at both physics and mathematics.


  1. The 1948 Queensland Rail Strike. the strike was consolidating and victory. On the left are Central Disputes Committee secretary A. MacDonald and.

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  3. Image used here by kind permission of Prof. Norman Macdonald. use of his money for consolidating the. and literature would strike firm roots.

  4. Rules and requirements on filing annual accounts for companies registered in the UK.

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