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Missy elliott and da brat dating

If Da Brat did choose to speak more openly about her sexuality, it doesn’t necessarily mean she’d pen a “Same Love”-esque track about marriage equality.

(Still, the woman at the center is white and middle class in a “fish out of water scenario.” )So can an out rapper reach that kind of scale?

Another masculine-style MC whose popularity in the music business came around the same time, Da Brat is also trying to make a return with her song “Is it Chu?

” and she also is going to have a reality series made about her life from the producer of But while Da Brat sings songs about women giving her lap dances and cooking her dinner, hosts lesbian-only events and jokes that when she was in prison “every female wanted her,” she still won’t openly discuss her sexuality.

In a recent interview, both rising stars Brooke Candy and Angel Haze said they think out artists can exist in hip-hop.“I think there’s room in hip-hop for tons of gay rappers,” Angel said.

“I’m sure there’s already loads of them who are too scared to come out.”But Brooke doesn’t think that artists who align themselves with making “queer hip-hop” are doing any good within the existing community.“What is so bothersome to me, with these emerging gay rappers, is that they’ve created a new genre called ‘queer hip-hop’,” she said.


  1. May 24, 2010. Rapper Trina, right, and her ex Missy Elliott partied the night away at the. Missy has turned out more groupies than Da Brat — who by the way.

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