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Then you go out walking/clubbing/shopping and if a compatible partner comes within Bluetooth distance (about 15 metres), your phone rings and the pic and message of the nearby "match" person pops up on your phone and vice verca (i.e your pic and message pops up on theirs).

You can then choose whether to walk up and say hello, text each other or pass on the opportunity.

It also works for men seeking men and women seeking women, so it caters for the entire community's sexual preferences.

According to the software developers, the target audience for this service is the "young, urban and connected".

This is likely to lead to some level of disappointment and could lead to embarrassing situations where you're suddenly confronted with an ardent new suitor who you're not so keen on.

Still, you've got to be in it to win it, and it is a novel new way of meeting people who you'd almost certainly never meet any other way.

The Proxidating site currently lists 25 models of mobile phone that are compatible with Proxidating, and Kangourouge expects its software will be compatible with almost all Bluetooth enabled phones within a few months.

Kangourouge is also preparing Proxidating for the next generation of Bluetooth technology, capable of providing 100m coverage, and giving an even greater chance of meeting your dream date.

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With PIX, Xenofreaks have hit on an idea that may change the way people interact with each other, especially those whom we don't know, but would like to.

American start-up n TAG has produced an interactive name badge for conferences and social events that significantly improves the quality of people-to-people connectivity.

Based on years of research at MIT's Media Lab, n TAG brings social technology into the business event arena where both host and attendee derive numerous benefits compared to the paper badges of the past.

The proxidating site is multi-language and allows direct download of the software.

Kangourouge is also preparing for the launch of a WAP site that will enable mobile phone browsers to navigate the web site more efficiently and download the software direct to the phone.


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