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• ' Systems of Indian Philosophy — Vaisesika, Yoga, Mimamsa and Vedanta, Advaita-Philosophy.

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Volume I, consisting of titles from 3T to q, is now issued. Ill LIST OF PUBLICATIONS OF THE GOVERNMENT ORIENTAL MANUSCRIPTS LIBRARY, MADRAS. Catalogues of Tamil, Telugu, Kanarese and Malay alam Manuscripts. Religion, Vrata and Puja 8166 to 8780 1913 Vol, XVII Stotras . XVIII Stotras — 2 Prasamsa stotras 9358 to 10540 1915 Vol. Escrow fees are always on us so absolutely don't worry about that. Please, send your inquiries and orders to: [email protected]********************************************************************************************************************************* GENERAL DOMAIN PRICELIST - By Domain Ltd Available online too at: Domain Empire.com/pricelist2Send your orders/inquiries to: [email protected] [email protected] THIS'S OUR SECOND INVENTORY, ALL THESE NAMES ARE OWNED BY OUR SHAREHOLDERS AND ARE AVAILABLE WITH A NET 10% DISCOUNT IF YOU'LL COVER THE OR THE Pay fees (Deals through 'private transaction' are available too, extremely low fees just ask for details) Great miscellaneous of quality English/Italian dictionarywords, rare acronyms, popular world places, common first/last names & much more ... The Professor of Sanskrit thus became the Librarian of this institution. He was then called upon to prepare, for publication, important literary and historical manuscripts : and in 1876 in accordance with the orders of the Government of India, he was required to discover new manuscripts in the Presidency, and to purchase them or acquire them by transcription. Pickford, then Professor of Sanskrit in the Presidency College, who was directed to look after the manuscripts, and to prepare a catalogue of them, to facilitate their identification and their accessibility to the public. Send your orders and questions to: [email protected]*3Char . Net 888 *NUMERICS: 6700048000 6900048000 9602288 *English (Dictionary words): . Com (Premium typos): 33000 (Hindi: Dating, largely used as an English typo too, unlimited money making potential) 2288 (Largely used typo) --- . Net (Premium typos): 2588 (Quality typo largely used) --- . Info 2888 2288 *English (Other premium combos): Betting 3000 Domain 38000 Euro 2288 Free Car 1288 Free 2288 Furniture 2588 Ghana Real 2888 Guest 3988 Health 10000 Home For 2288 Insurance 2288 Insurance 3000 Local 500 News 3388 Office 2500 Poker 1288 Probiotic 2288 Real Estate 1288 Sale 1288 Sport 888 Universal 1988 Water 2288 Wealth Of 4888 Your 3388 *FIRST-LAST NAMES (Common ones only, high quality): 1588 1588 Di 2888 Di 2888 3000 4288 5000 *WORLD LANGUAGES: . From 1830, the collection was in the hands of the Madras Literary Society. Brown of the Midras Civil Service found in the India House Library a collection of manuscripts in Tamil, Telugu and Kanarese characters belonging CO Dr. In 1847 it was retransferred to its permanent home, the College Library at Madras. On completing the cataloguing of the East India House collection, Mr. The whole of the books and tracts in the languages of southern India and the inscriptions were lodged in the Madras College Library in 1828. The collection was transferred to the Madras Literary Society in 1844 and Mr. 33 of the Journal of the Literary Society for 1847.


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  2. Government Oriental Manuscripts Library, IMadras, Dated Isf February 1938. I P. P. SUBRAHMANYA SASTRI. acasoT-l^^icO'OllOO^ooo50!T-lro2^^.

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