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Does the Bible allow for the creation of the universe and earth billions of years ago? Here is a link to a related sermon: Simon Magus and 'Christianity'? Marcus of Jerusalem: Apostolic successor or apostate?

Here is a link to a related sermon: Justin Martyr: Saint or Apostate? Early Christianity Fundamental Going Thru the Bible People History Gospel Church Differences The Godhead Misc. This is a free online booklet that deal with improper theories and musings called science related to the origin of the origin of the universe, the origin of life, and evolution. Here is a link to a You Tube sermon titled Is it logical to believe in God? Biblical Keys to Happiness This is an article for those interested in biblical teachings about being happy. Thraseas Thraseas died circa 160 in Smyrna, but oversaw the churches from Eumenia.Here is a link to a You Tube video titled Is There Another View of Evolution? A related sermon is also available titled: Basic Doctrines of Hebrew 6. This booklet discusses topics including calling, election, and selection. Christian Repentance Do you know what repentance is? A related sermon is also available titled: Real Christian Repentance. He likely co-wrote and/or approved the document known as . Apollinaris of Hierapolis He was an early church leader that may have known Melito and Polycarp; he also wrote about the Passover.and another titled Quickly Disprove Evolution as the Origin of Life. A related video is also available: Did Angels Marry Women and Produce Giants? Polycrates of Ephesus He was an early church leader that claimed to continue the practices of the Gospel, John, Philip, Melito, and Polycarp, while refusing to accept traditions that came from Rome. James Tabor Seems to Have Found Old Jonah-Related Tomb Jonah is a figure from the Hebrew scriptures that has caused skepticism, but the evidence suggests that the skeptics are wrong. Sometimes called "the father early heretics" or the "father of heresies", do you know what early writers claimed that Simon Magus taught? Considered to have been an organized heretic, he taught against the Old Testament, the law, and the Sabbath.How Old is the Earth and How Long Were the Days of Creation? Many insist this is so and also that this mating caused giants to be born. New Testament Apostates and Heretics Does the New Testament warn against apostates and heretics? Sadly, most who profess Christ still hold to versions of his teachings. Some have considered him to be the first Protestant reformer. Here is a link to a related sermon: Marcion: The first Protestant reformer? In French: La Foi pour ceux que Dieu a Appelés et Choisis. There is also more, such as the arrticle: When was the Exodus? MATTHEW Here are links to twelve sermons covering the 28 chapters of Matthew: Matthew 1-2: Greek or Aramaic, Jesus, and the Star? Here is a link to six sermons covering all the verses in the Gospel of Mark: Mark 1-2: Author, Prophecy, & Miracles, Mark 3-5: Healing, Demons, and Parables, Mark 6-9: Tradition, John’s beheading, Elijah, and Restoration, Mark 10-12: Marriage, Divorce, Needle Eye, Greatest Command, & Taxes, Mark 13: Temple, Four Horsemen, Troubles, Great Tribulation, and Gospel Proclamation, and . In German: Glaube für die von Gott Berufenen und Auserwählten. , Exodus 5-7: Serpents, Blood, and Revelation, Exodus 8-9: Plagues and Prophecy, Exodus 10-12: The Last Plagues & 21st Century Prophecies, and Exodus 13-15: Passover Protection and Armageddon. , Exodus 5-7: Serpents, Blood, and Revelation, Proverbs 7-12: Wisdom, Knowledge, Righteousness, and Diligence and Proverbs 13-15: Following God’s Advice and Proverbs 16-17: Accept God's Instructions and Proverbs 18-19: It is dangerous to trust self and Proverbs 20-21: Modern Christian Living and Proverbs 22-23: Certainty of the Bible and How to Live and Proverbs 24-25: What to do and what not to do and Proverbs 26-28: Giving Answers, Making Right Decisions(a related article is also available: Proverbs 26-28). MARK Here is a link to a sermon covering all of Jesus’ words in the Gospel of Mark: What did Jesus teach in the Book of Mark? A related two-part sermon is available: Egypt and the Plagues (Part 1) and Exodus Plagues and Prophecy (Part 2).Valentinus: The Gnostic Trinitarian Heretic He apparently was the first Christ-professing heretic to come up with the idea of three hypostases. Justin is considered one of the first Christian theologians and scholars."Pope" Linus (67-76) He is claimed to be the first to take up the inheritance from Peter, but he is omitted from Tertullian's list. For information about him in the Spanish language, check out Linus no fue obispo de Roma."Pope" Cletus or Anacletus (76-88) Various lists have him in a different order or as two different people, though there probably was just one.


  1. Their deep Christian faith was evident in the worship services as well. Still others were dating people of the same sex and hoped to one day.

  2. Adelphopoiesis, or adelphopoiia from the Greek ἀδελφοποίησις, derived from ἀδελφός adelphos "brother" and ποιέω poieō "I make", literally "brother-making" is a ceremony practiced historically in Christian tradition to unite together two people of the same sex. Rites for "adelphopoiesis" are contained in Byzantine manuscripts dating.

  3. IS ALLAH THE GOD OF BIBLE? Sam Shamoun. This study examines the crucial question that needs to be addressed which is whether the God presented in the Quran is indeed the same God revealed in the Holy Bible.

  4. THE SCHOOL OF ALEXANDRIA AND THE GNOSTICS. In the apostolic age, before the appearance of the Gnostic movement as a school or schools, or as separate sects, the apostles dealt with false teachings similar to the Gnostic systems, as in 1 John and the pastoral epistles.

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