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Physical attraction and dating

Maybe you both have the same type of upbringing, similar religious beliefs, you both like to travel and eat amazing food, or — best of all — you make each other LAUGH hysterically.

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(This is another reason why I state over and over in my writing to not place too much emphasis upon a relationship until you at least meet in person.) Can physical attraction be developed? While I do believe that ‘attraction’ can grow over time, I do not suggest that one should prolong a relationship when they know at the beginning that it will not go anywhere for them. You have surely seen some very ‘unlikely’ couples in their physical attributes or other features.

Would you be willing to continue a relationship with someone who you aren't physically attracted to?

Listen to our Your Tango Experts’ lively discussion on this fascinating subject.

If sexual attraction is your highest priority in a relationship, is that something you should change?

Is it in our DNA to instinctively be drawn to someone BEAUTIFUL, first thing?


  1. Sep 22, 2016. Can physical attraction between two people be developed over time? Dr. Jim gives some great insights to singles when they meet a date for the.

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