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Pros and cons of dating a hockey player

One-piece construction is nothing new – the earliest hockey sticks, dating back to the early to mid 19th century, were hewn out of a single piece of hard wood, such as ash.

Compared to a one-piece stick which can cost anywhere up to 0, BASE’s composite blades will only set you back , so switching patterns (or blade flexes! Moreover, two-piece sticks are renowned for their durability.

Unfortunately, while increased competition and technological advancements have made composite sticks better and less expensive, high level one-piece sticks remain difficult for many amateur and rep players to afford.

The up-front cost is high, and despite the warranty, some sticks can break within a short time span.

Introduction The one-piece stick is the culmination of over 100 years of hockey stick development.

It’s made using the lightest and strongest materials available on the market, through some of the most advanced manufacturing processes in the hockey equipment industry.


  1. Dec 7, 2016. Panel of NHL governors discusses pros and cons of NHLers going. And so, I understand where the players are coming from and where. to play in the Olympics but obviously I watched, dating back to when I was younger.

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