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Reading body language in dating updating gridview data

"If you partner begins to pat you on the back during a hug, it immediately desexualizes it, " says Wood."Let's face it, you and your partner aren't In emotional situations, we all have a tendency to find ways to comfort ourselves.

"The goal is for couples to walk with their feet side by side on an invisible line," Patti Wood, body language expert and author of Some say that distance makes the heart grow fonder.

"Typically, people cross their arms when they're trying to defend themselves," says Constantine.

"It's a visible way to put your guard up, which is never a good thing in an intimate relationship."In a relationship, you want your voice to be heard — and not sidelined by your partner.

"If your legs are closed, your partner will pick up on your disinterest," says Wood."And a lack of sexual interest leads to a relationship's downfall."Smirking at anyone — your partner included — is extremely condescending.

"By smirking at your partner, you're showing that you think you're the superior in the relationship," says Constantine.


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