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Reality dating shows casting 2016 who is gene simmons daughter dating

’ There was a lot of pressure to fall back on interviews to tie everything together, because up until the last month before was going to launch, the first episode was not making a lot of sense.

"We came up with the idea that Lauren should be the main character and entry point at the last minute.

“It’s nice to hear that people still care about it after all these years, [and] that someone is doing a story about the 10th anniversary of the first episode airing.

It seems like such an odd milestone,” Di Vello said when we started our conversation.

We focus-grouped it, and people were really confused.

People were fighting in the focus groups like, ‘This is a scripted show,’ and the other ones like, ‘No, it’s not; it’s reality.’ I asked a woman in the focus group if that was a good thing or a bad thing that they were fighting about it so passionately, and she was like, ‘Yeah, I think you have a hit on your hands.’” Sean Travis, executive producer: “I think it’s still the only real docu-soap/docu-series that was done without any into-camera interviews.

“In the pilot, we had the Kelly Clarkson song where she’s going through a million doors. note: “Breakaway.”] But we couldn’t get it cleared, so we were scrambling around looking for a replacement.

Brian Graden at MTV, our boss at the time, specifically challenged us by saying, ‘ owns that space with the confessional.

Can you guys come up with a show where you can tell the narrative without doing that?

It’s not easy to do, because an interview is a great tool if you want to tell a story quickly and efficiently and to play the highlights of a scene.

Without those interviews, you need all of the conversation.


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